A Glimpse Inside My Studio…

Here’s the first installment of a Glimpse Inside My Jewelry Studio

I will try to post these periodically to give you the inside scoop of what a jewelry designer’s studio is all about.  I’ll warn you now, it’s sometimes pretty out of control.  Viewer discretion is advised.  😉

A jewelry designer’s studio tends to get a little crazy.  When that creative mood strikes, it takes over and organizing and straightening up usually fall to the wayside.  In March of 2013 I decided my jewelry studio needed an overhaul and I’m pleased to share with you the results. (And yes, that’s a cat litter box you see in the photo…the cat and I “share” a room because we have a dog (that the cat doesn’t like) and dogs will eat ANYTHING if you know what I mean.  Plus, it’s a rather horrific experience chasing him around the house with it in his mouth.  EWW!  Having to account for space for the cat’s things provides a challenge as space is a premium with all the stuff I have in this room!)

My old jewelry table setup (top left) was a little precarious.  I was afraid my hubby may find me buried under it one day if I wasn’t careful when I went to take something out.


My NEW jewelry table  is still organized in my “climbing up the wall” fashion.  But this time it’s a lot more stable!  I used white closet organizer cabinets and cubes (I’m a pro at assembling those suckers now!) so at least now I’ve got one unified color scheme and not a mish mosh of things I scrounged up.   This area is always a work in progress, however.  After I started working at the new table, which is several inches higher than the previous one, I needed a new chair (bye bye green electric company office chair, you’ve served me and Miss Kitty well) .  I also realized that my setup didn’t allow for a whole lot of work space, so it has actually been rearranged since then and it’s working out much better.   Also, shortly after my big jewelry studio reorg happened, I got into working with metals and soldering and realized I didn’t have enough room to fit that in.  So I added a “penninsula”  to expand.

And as a side note, seeing these photos of my nicely organized, clean studio is making me feel really guilty about what a mess it’s in right now.  But not guilty enough to make me go clean it.  😉



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