Well, hello dear visitor!

I’m so flattered that you want to know more about me! In fact, I might even be blushing a little. 😉

It’s such a pleasure to make your acquaintance! Oh…wait. I haven’t even introduced myself yet, have I?

I’m Karen Domine, the artist behind Get A Bead On It. I’ll try not to bore you with prose-y profound, statements of where my design inspiration comes from (just think nature and texture), or how I plan to save the world through my work (my goal is to make it a little prettier) or a jargon-filled step-by-step jewelry-making process, cuz somehow I doubt that’s why you’re here. (Although I could probably bore you with all that stuff if you really, really want to know.)

You’re here just to get a peek into my little world and find out who makes all this stuff, amirite?

Throughout my life I’ve had this desire to create. It goes back to my childhood. I used to love sleeping over at my grandparent’s house (and not just to eat Grandpa’s favorite windmill cookies or have cinnamon raisin toast in the morning from the neat, old-fashioned chrome toaster Grandma still uses to this day). She always had some sort of little craft project to occupy the time, and sitting at her dining room table, covered with one of those inch-thick foldable pads, of course (do they even make those anymore?) was probably the first time I’ve ever played with beads.


My Grandma and I on a bus trip, Spring 2015.  She’s 97 now….I simply adore her!

Fast forward a few years and I was selling crafts at local fairs with both Mom and Grandma.  These two amazingly talented women inspired me at a very young age to always explore my creative side. A craft-hoarding monster Maker with an entrepreneurial spirit was born!


Oh gosh…here I am in the 90’s, complete with my M.C. Hammer harem pants.

Jewelry has been my passion (ok, some would say addiction) for 14 years and counting. Aside from a couple of classes here and there, I’m self-taught. My materials of choice are mainly copper, silver and brass. And of course I love beads and have a great stash of them, because, well, BEADS! I’m all about shape and exploring anything I can do that will produce a cool texture onto a piece of metal. My jewelry is casual, comfortable and easy to wear. Plus, it’s one-of-a-kind, so you can be sure that you’ll be the only one in the world wearing that exact piece.

Disclaimer: Your jewelry may, or may not have been made during one of the most Dramatic Jewelry Making Sessions  EVER while watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette (Rose Lovers will understand that.) Or if it’s Summer…during my other reality tv fav, Big Brother. (I can’t help it people, these are my guilty pleasures. You already know I have an addictive personality!)

studio shot 2

In my studio

Well, have I managed to satisfy your curiosity? Is there anything else you’re just dying to know about? If so, please make yourself at home here and take a look around the site, my shop, and the blog for other updates on what I’m up to these days.  But actually, I’m dying to know a little more about YOU now that I’ve poured my heart out here. 😉

So please don’t leave me hanging…scroll down below and leave a comment on the page. 

And if you scroll to the very bottom there’s a link to sign up for my Insiders newsletter.  Be the first to get the scoop when there’s news.  I promise not to fill up your inbox with boring emails. You’ll only hear from me when I have something exciting to say!



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