In-Home Show Hostess Details


Of course you’d like to know what’s the benefit of hosting a show, right?  Well, FREE and/or discounted jewelry, of course!  Plus, it’s a fun way to spend an evening with your friends.

You will receive a 10%* merchandise credit of the total sales amount.  Please note that if 5 or fewer guests attend your show, this total may be reduced to 5%.

I encourage you to shop early and set your favorite item or two aside for yourself.   If at the end of your show you have not spent your full credit, you can carry it over for a future show, use it on a custom/special order, or settle that evening with a cash credit instead.  I would prefer to settle up your credit the night of the show, but if you do decide to wait and hold your credit for a future date, please know I will honor it at any time.  It will not expire.


INVITE EVERYONE!   And here’s how I can help you with this.

For your convenience, I’ve created an “online” invitation that you can cut and paste and use to send as an e-mail or paste into Word, etc. for use as an attachment.   All you need to do is fill in your address and RSVP info.  See below for the invite text.

I do request that you have AT LEAST 5 guests attending your show.  If your turnout will be small, fewer than 5, I may request that we either cancel or reschedule your show for a better date that works for you and your guests.


I’ll plan to arrive at your home about 45 min to an hour before your show starts.  During weeknights typical shows run from 7-9 pm, but there’s room to be flexible on the start and end times.

Shows work best as an “open house” format since there is no demonstration.  This means that your guests can come at any time during the show time-frame.  It works well for those guests who may not be able to make it promptly at the starting time.  It also helps with the shopping flow.  Staggered arrivals help to allow room for everyone to get a good look at what I have to offer.  But also, first come-first served – the early bird does get THE best selection!

I would really appreciate the use of a cleared dining room table, etc., but can also bring along additional tables if necessary, so if you can plan ahead for ideas on where to put them, that would make setup go smoother.  All tables will be covered with a white cloth.  Also, lighting is key.  I would appreciate if you can let me know in advance if you have potential lighting issues.  I have just a couple of lights I can bring along.  The more light the better to show off the sparkly creations!

I’ll also need a small area to set up as a “checkout” space.  The end of a counter top usually does the trick.

Just in case you are questioned about payment methods – I accept cash, checks on and credit cards. 


I think that covers just about everything!  You’re ready, I’m ready, and your friends are looking forward to an evening of fun and shopping for one-of-a-kind jewelry!  If you have any questions before your show, please give me a call or send an e-mail.

I’m looking forward to your show and hope that it’s successful for both of us!  See you the night of your show!

Please feel free to use the text below for invitations.

A Special Invitation to An Open House Jewelry Show

Presenting the handcrafted jewelry line from


Come and see how attention to detail and creativity combine for beautiful results!  Join us for an evening of distinctive and carefully hand-crafted jewelry, along with refreshments and conversation.  No mass reproductions here!  You’ll be able to browse our selection of one-of-a-kind bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc.  AND take your items home with you the same evening.  Instant gratification!

Want more information about items that will be available, as well as special orders?  Visit or e-mail

Please feel free to bring a friend or two!

Please Join us on:

Time: 0:00 pm to 0:00 pm (open house format – come anytime between these hours, but please be sure to RSVP!  This is VERY important!)

Hosted By:


Please RSVP by: